Hi there,


I’m Kelly, editor, author, and teacher.


The one thing I’m more passionate about than reading is language, most specifically, the English language.


My love for it began after I read the Lord of the Rings in English and I realised there was so much more to it than the Dutch version. Ever since, all the books I’ve read have been in English and I developed a deeper love for it.


At the age of 24, I struggled to find out what it was that I wanted to be in life. There had always been the distant dream of becoming an author, but I felt I didn’t have the skills for it. Unsurprisingly, I came full circle to the English language, and four years later, I graduated University with a bachelor’s degree in education. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language ever since.


In November 2018, I began writing after somebody challenged me to do Nanowrimo, and those same friends told me I should publish. And that’s when it all started. I met loads of other incredible indie authors and at some point, ended up helping a friend with her book.


Fast forward to 2020, and I’m expanding my business as an editor using what I’ve learned and applied as a teacher, an author, and courses.


The best part about being a freelance editor? My focus is on you and your book!