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  • How do I know which type of editing I need?
    Before we get into anything, we will have a chat over email or Skype, and we can have a look at your manuscript together after you send it to me. I will be honest in telling you what kind of editing I think it needs.
  • Why is proofreading important after editing?
    Proofreading is almost like the cherry on top after you've baked and decorated that beautiful cake. Editors focus on issues such as grammar, punctuation, missing words, typos etc., but even though we focus on everything, we're human and bound to look over mistakes. On top of that, during a proofread, I can make sure you didn't introduce any errors when you've done the copyedits.
  • Can I send parts of the manuscript?
    No. I don't prefer to work that way. The reason for this is that it's more work for both you and me if I find discrepancies throughout the manuscript, and have to go back to correct them or comment on them. We can discuss why you would want it done in parts.
  • Do you work with contracts?
    Yes. At the start of every project, I will send you a contract with the agreements we made either via email or Skype. I will send you a proposal first to see if I have everything covered, and if so, I will send you the final contract. I will ask you to sign it and return it via email.
  • When and how do I pay?
    You pay per the agreement we made over email or during skype session. The when is dependent on what we discussed. Paypal is currently the only option to pay with. Payment plans are an option.
  • Do you know a great book designer, typesetter, cover artist, copywriter...?"
    Chances are that I do. I'm happy to help out fellow creatives, so send me an email and I will forward you.
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