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During a developmental edit, we look at the big picture and the overall structure of the book. This means we will look at the plot, how it flows, if there are any inconsistencies, what works, and what doesn't work. Furthermore, we will look at structure in general, pacing, tension, consistency as well as the development of your characters. We will look at what already works and how to build on that. We will point out what doesn't work and what needs to be developed.

Throughout the process, we will keep in touch every week to give you a short update on where we are. If desired, we offer the opportunity for a brainstorm session, or more, depending on what is wanted. 

€20 per 1250 words*

Payment plan options are available.

dev editing


During the process of copy- and line editing we look at several things. First of all, we look at the sentences and how they flow and check paragraphs for logical order so it makes for a smooth read. Second, we look at grammar, punctuation, missing words, overused words, spelling errors, capitalization, hyphenation etc. In short, we look more closely at the sentence structure. We do not look at the story as a whole, although we may point something out if it's a glaring hole in your plot, for example.

Throughout this process, we will stay in touch with you every week to give an update on where we are. We ask you not to work on your own manuscript during this time as we will not accept updated versions throughout. 

€20 per 1250 words*

Payment plan options are available.

copy editing


Once your manuscript has been through an editor, or several rounds of edits, a round of proofreading will help catch the last mistakes, missing words, and missing or superfluous punctuation etc. We will also look at spacing and formatting, if applicable. 

€275 starting at 60.000 words. €20 per 10.000 words after.



With a manuscript assessment, we give chapter-by-chapter feedback on what works, what doesn't work and what needs your attention. We will look at key-characters and give feedback on the story as a whole. Grammar e.a. are excluded from a manuscript assessment, although we may point out frequent mistakes.

Starting at €130 for 60.000 words. €20 for every 10.000 words on top.

MS assessment


The first twenty-five pages of a story are critical to draw your reader in and keep them wanting more. It must have a hook, a good opening, and characters your readers will develop feelings for. 


With an Initial Story Critique, we look at the premise of the first 25 pages of your story. Aside from those 25 pages, we ask for a synopsis of the story. Prologues may be included if no more than three to four pages and will not count towards the total of 25. We will include suggestions based on both items. We will not look at grammar, punctuation, spelling, missing words, etc, but we will look at initial development, pacing, tension and characterization. 






Fill out the form on my contact page to get this process started. It won’t take long.



I’ll get back to you within two business days. We will discuss your project by email or Skype, after which I’ll provide you with a complimentary 500-word sample edit.



If you decide you want to work with me, we’ll select a date to start your project, and set a deadline. I will send you a contract and deposit invoice and once all of that has been returned, we’ll get started!

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