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"I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly of Spirit Editorial as she edited my latest novel. It is a 115,000-word document and to make things easier for me, we did it chapter by chapter. Her turnaround of each was incredibly fast without ever seeming rushed.


Although my English grammar and vocabulary is reasonably good, it doesn’t measure up to her skills. Her grasp on the intricacies of the oftentimes tricky grammar rules is excellent, and she picked up on many smaller details that I missed or made mistakes on. This was in addition to all the typos, missing or misplaced commas, and extraneous spaces that are found in most manuscripts. She also made suggestions where readability was affected, something that is invaluable to a writer as you become blind to how it reads to someone else. At no time did I feel criticized, misunderstood or devalued as an author. Kelly treated my manuscript with respect, she adapted to my writing style and made her suggestions accordingly.


Before sending her the first chapter, I felt apprehensive and nervous as the last thing I wanted was for someone to tell me it was badly written, needed a complete overhaul and wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Those fears disappeared immediately under Kelly’s guidance. I am also fully confident she would have told me, in the most constructive, respectful and friendly way possible, if my book truly needed to be re-written rather than edited. I have asked many questions, sent back paragraph sized changes for feedback and have had everything replied to in a speedy and professional manner.


I have every confidence that my manuscript is the very best she can edit it to and any mistakes still remaining are due to me missing or ignoring any of her suggestions.


I can highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a professional, well qualified and perceptive editor who is also friendly, approachable and always willing to listen.

Cassidy Reyne, Author of The Sentinels"

Editorial Services

I can’t recommend Spirit Editorial enough. Kelly has been editing my debut Hybrid Wolf Series and the whole editorial process is new to me, but she has exceeded my expectations. She goes above and beyond to help make your book the best version it can be.


Not only are Kelly’s edits and comments both thorough and incredibly helpful she is also fantastic at communicating throughout the process. Any queries I had about a suggestion were answered thoroughly and she has helped me avoid numerous plot holes that slipped past betas. She also explains why the syntax or grammar is incorrect rather than just making the change, which will hopefully help me learn in the long run! Her advice really has been priceless.


The manuscript for my first book was a hot mess, but Kelly has helped craft it into a book I’m extremely proud of. She has an excellent understanding of both grammar and story structure, and it was clear she made an effort to understand the characters and story I’d created. She looked at my books as a whole and helped me take my books to a new level.

Kelly is a fantastic editor and an absolute dream to work with, I look forward to continuing to work with Spirit Editorial on my other books.

Ciara de la Hunt, Author of The Hybrid Wolf Series"

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Losing your voice to an editor is a writer’s worst fear. Kelly amplifies your voice. Kelly uplifts and inspires with her editing. She takes what I have written, tweaks it ever so gently and delicately and makes it better, clearer and more precisely what I’m trying to say. She makes me a better writer than I thought I could be. She leaves no trace of herself in your work but makes your voice is loud and clear.

Michelle Raab

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